Lionladder Telescoping Ladder

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    ANSI rated: Type I Ladder (Heavy-Duty), lifetime warranty.

    Premium material: The ladder is made of aviation 6061 aluminum alloy. and made by seamless one piece design, super quality!

    Smart-close system: Air-buffered folding, one-step folding, finger-pinch free!

    Highly adjustable: Every locking section is independent, it can be adjusted to the appropriate height for different needs.

  • Length



    Height Open

    10-1/2 feet

    12-1/2 feet

    Package Size







    Aluminum alloy

    Aluminum alloy

    ANSI Duty Rating

    Type I (250 pounds)

    Type I (250 pounds)

  • Q:What is the warranty on this ladder?
    A:We offer 1 year warranty on all our ladders.

    Q:What certifications does it have?
    A:ANSI-ASC 14.2-2017

    Q:What is the weight limit?

    Q:What are the dimensions of each step?
    A:The spacing between each rungs is 30cm (about 1 foot)

    Q:How to maintain my ladder?
    A:In order to keep the ladder functioning properly, please store your ladder in a cool, dry space to avoid moisture and keep your ladder cleaning after finishing your job.

    Q:Where can I get replacement for my ladder?
    A:Please contact our customer service to get a replacement and you can install it by yourself easily.

    Q:How do I know when my order has shipped?
    A:Any questions about logistics and return,please contact us by e‑mail at

    Q:The issues about material.
    A:All of our telescoping ladder is made of Aerospace Engineered 6061 alloy.

    Q:How to use this ladder?
    A:The best way to extend the ladder is pulling the ladder from the bottom up until your desired height. And place the ladder on solid and level ground at the angle about 75°. Please make sure that do not put your fingers between the rungs when retracting the ladder.

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